Dear truck drivers,

You all certainly know, out of your professional experience, how much you really need your sleep during the day but the sun or broad daylight may make it hard for you to find the necessary peace?

I have seriously been thinking about how to help you with my products. Since 2003, I hand make curtains and drapes from velvet for lorries and trucks. For some time now as well in velour in many different colours.

Now I also can offer you my 100 percent opaque curtains in an improved outfit.

For the inner core of the curtain I'm using material, which is not only absolute opaque but also cold and heat absorbing, so you will find the sleep you need during the day!

Furthermore, my truck curtains bring you a bit of cosiness into your driver cabin and thus ensure a comfortable atmosphere when you're on the go!

With all my offers you can freely choose both the colours and the embellishments. Curtains for the wind shield surrounding I will embroider with the text of your choice!

For special sizes or individual ideas don't hesitate to contact me. What ever is possible I would like to realize for you.

Based on my references you can create yourself an opinion about my work. Or otherwise maybe you already met somebody on the go who's got my curtains yet.

You can find a wide selection of windscreen curtains, bed curtains, packages and complete sets in all variations in my shop. I'm sure there is something just about right to fit your truck!

I wish you all a safe journey, a good time on the road and always a pleasant night's sleep!